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Our Story

Creye Games is a game development studio created by Azael, with the goal of providing quality experiences with little to no resources. 


At Creye Games, we listen to the community, to provide the experiences everyone is dreaming of. 


Our games have a focus on latest-generation graphics, we always try to use the latest technologies to improve how our games look, even if we have to limit them to the latest-generation hardware. 

But graphics don't make a game, so we also put a lot of effort into the gameplay, story and feel of our games. We know they will never reach the level of bigger studios but we hope to satisfy the community with rich, carefully crafted experiences to enjoy.

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Meet the Team

Azael - Founder (He/Him)

Azael is the founder of Creye Games™, he works on every project and is the current only member of Creye Games.

Orginally a Level Designer, he learned through the years to program, model, animate and produce music for our projects.

Park Studio is his dream project. As a Theme Park Enthusiast, he always wanted to be able to build the exact park he imagined as a kid and see it live in front of his eyes. He began the Park Studio project after getting his first job at Europa-Park in 2022, and after 2 years of developement, the project is now available to purchase on Steam.

Azael is always open to discussion and will answer anyone on Discord or any of his social media.

Park Studio

Park Studio is our brand new Theme Park building game in which your creativity is the only limit!


Using the many tools available in the game, you can build the park of your dreams!

Create amazing structures, sculpt wonderful landscapes and make exciting coasters, the only limit is your imagination.


Take control of your park, manage rides and visitors, create events and operate your creations, the fun never ends.


Share your creations with other players on the Steam Workshop and discover amazing parks, rides and scenery made by them.


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